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Successful marketing takes many forms across many formats. But even with the rise of digital, direct mail continues to be a proven results-getter. If you're looking to boost the effectiveness of your ad campaign, turn to 20/20 Advertising, LLC for direct mail advertising services.

We can send scheduled mailings to your clients' physical addresses and emails. We'll start by sending them an email about your upcoming ad campaign. Then, once the physical copy is delivered, we'll follow-up with another email. This method allows us to track your campaign effectively.

Make a bigger impact on your target audience. Call (806) 999-4838 to start promoting your business through the mail.

Gain insight on your best-performing ads with metrics

Gain insight on your best-performing ads with metrics

One of the most important aspects of your ad campaign is being able to measure results. When you partner with 20/20 Advertising, we'll track a wide range of metrics.

We can track:

  • Who received the ad
  • Who opened the ad
  • Who acted on the ad
Partner with us for proven and effective advertising solutions. We'll help you run a successful mail campaign.

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